Hard Disk Data Recovery

Hard disk is the life line of digital world for our basic desktop, laptop data storage to big data centers. It covers a long journey from technology to speed and storage capacity. In case of data recovery of hard drives, the challenges increase due to new technologies and costly spare parts. But the common hard drive problems are still the same, like

    • Not detecting in System or in Device manager
    • System asking for formatting the drive or volume
    • Drive spinning but not detecting in System
    • Drive detecting but showing wrong drive size
    • Partitions showing as RAW volume
    • Clicking or beeping sound from drive
    • No power up of drive
    • Some time we are able to see the data but not able to open the folders
    • Accidental deletion of the data
    • Formatting or repartitioning the existing volumes    
    • Data loss due to Operating system upgradation
    • Hard drive failure due to power surge
    • Virus Attack

Above mentioned problems are the basic problems which occurs with hard drives. These problems could be a logical, logical cum physical or pure physical issues.

CSSI India data recovery engineers are efficient to handle all type of common problems, from all types of storage drives like IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS, USB, Fiber channel(FC) etc.

The most common issues we see in our data recovery lab cases are the drives with bad sectors, disk I/O errors, boot record or partition table errors, file system errors or firmware issues. In more than 95% of cases the recovery results remain good and recovered data would be in healthy state.

In another scenario, when the drive gives clicking, buzzing and beeping sound, it is due to the internal damage of mechanical or electronic parts. This is also a very common issue in hard drives, in which we are good to get positive results.

In mechanical damage problems, the chances of data recovery became very less. When the media platter got scratched by the head assembly, due to this damage the recovery could not be possible. But in case of minor damages there are chances to get some data. Sometime user accidently overwrites the data by copying the new one by deleting the previous or reformatting the disk.



Data recovery Price


Remote Data Recovery

Remote Data Recovery is a one of data recovery service that provides the fastest, convenient, and appropriate data recovery solution for data loss situations. This data recovery is associated with remote client location and recovery is processed from the client location remotely. Computer storage services provides remote data recovery services for almost every storage media provided the user ensures that media is mounted in the system and that system is connected via internet.

Such facility is used for distant customers and having logical data loss issues, such as formatted drive, repartitioned drive, any one drive failure in RAID 5 servers. With this facility end user can see the process and recovery happened his own facility. Data privacy will be intact in such data recovery process.

In this scenario, clients need to provide good internet connection, some space for installation our utilities and destination drive for data saving. For such facility client need to pay recovery cost in advance, which was suggested after initial analysis of the case. Fore more information contact support@indiacssi.com  or visit http://www.indiacssi.com/Remote-Data-Recovery.php


Buffalo NAS Box Data Recovery



CSSI India data recovery Lab received one old Buffalo Pro Duo Network drive box having two drives. Which was configured with some RAID configuration and both drives had physical issue. First drive was badly damaged and its platter was scratched. The second drive was having weak head and that was also not accessible. In this situation we need to make live the second drive only after that we came to know Raid configuration.
We replaced the weak head and repaired the second drive. After creating successful cloning of source drive  and we did XFS data recovery . The NAS box was having XFS file system.Initially client was not sure regarding the Raid Configuration and after getting access the second drive , our engineers came to know that we can recover its complete data from a single drive. Because NAS was implemented with RAID 1 configuration. As in RAID 1 the data was mirrored on both drives and in situation of any one Drive failure , we can get the data back.
At the end client said wow after getting its complete data.

HP Server Data Recovery

We received a call from a reputed hotel , regarding a server failure. It was a mail and hotel booking server , which stops working and their two drives went offline. Client does not want to send their server to our CSSI lab and request us to work onsite.

We found two drives went offline and hot spare drive was not kicked in. Internal IT team and their support team already did research by putting new drive and change the drive order. Which is the most tough job for recovery engineers to find the correct drive order.
As both SAS drives had huge bad sectors and we managed to clone bot drives at client end , after that we have to find out RAID type and parity. Engineers told us that it was configured with Raid 6 dual parity. We manually search individual MFT records in all drives for checking order and parity, we found that two drives had parity with , HP delayed parity order.But all combinations were failing, we created virtual Raid with all Raid 6 parities. Few data was working and some had garbage.
After checking several MFT records in different hard drives, we found that it is a RAID 50, In hex editor we created virtual RAID and we were able to jump all partitions properly. We recovered all the data and live their server. Hotel had no clues regarding their guests bookings , after successful data recovery of Raid 50 , they start working. We took two nights and one day for successful Job.

If any requirement regarding Data recovery, contact Support@indiacssi.com