Hard Disk Data Recovery

Hard disk is the life line of digital world for our basic desktop, laptop data storage to big data centers. It covers a long journey from technology to speed and storage capacity. In case of data recovery of hard drives, the challenges increase due to new technologies and costly spare parts. But the common hard drive problems are still the same, like

    • Not detecting in System or in Device manager
    • System asking for formatting the drive or volume
    • Drive spinning but not detecting in System
    • Drive detecting but showing wrong drive size
    • Partitions showing as RAW volume
    • Clicking or beeping sound from drive
    • No power up of drive
    • Some time we are able to see the data but not able to open the folders
    • Accidental deletion of the data
    • Formatting or repartitioning the existing volumes    
    • Data loss due to Operating system upgradation
    • Hard drive failure due to power surge
    • Virus Attack

Above mentioned problems are the basic problems which occurs with hard drives. These problems could be a logical, logical cum physical or pure physical issues.

CSSI India data recovery engineers are efficient to handle all type of common problems, from all types of storage drives like IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS, USB, Fiber channel(FC) etc.

The most common issues we see in our data recovery lab cases are the drives with bad sectors, disk I/O errors, boot record or partition table errors, file system errors or firmware issues. In more than 95% of cases the recovery results remain good and recovered data would be in healthy state.

In another scenario, when the drive gives clicking, buzzing and beeping sound, it is due to the internal damage of mechanical or electronic parts. This is also a very common issue in hard drives, in which we are good to get positive results.

In mechanical damage problems, the chances of data recovery became very less. When the media platter got scratched by the head assembly, due to this damage the recovery could not be possible. But in case of minor damages there are chances to get some data. Sometime user accidently overwrites the data by copying the new one by deleting the previous or reformatting the disk.



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