Remote Data Recovery

This service of Data Recovery is very helpful as it provides time critical data recovery solution for any data recovery needs. It saves time and efforts of remote location customers as they don’t need to approach data recovery lab for their data recovery requirement for deleted or formatted media recovery and Raid data recoveries of Data Centers. For any remote data recovery service please contact CSSI data recovery services.

Hard Drive Recovery

Hard Disk Drives are most basic storage source used for storing of numerous data frequently all along the globe. Computer Storage services India (CSSI) provides data recovery services from every type of hard disk drives and SSD’s drive. CSSI engineers are capable to do recovery from all types of drives like IDE, SCSI, SAS, FC drives. We provide solutions for all types of issues like Logical, Bad sectors, Inaccessible drives, System asks for formatting, clicking sounds in drives, Head assembly issues, Jam Platters and etc.

Raid Data Recovery

RAID terminology is the start of modern storage, when human needs more space storing the digital data. Raid configurations are basic units for collection of several hard drives, which could be used in DAS, SANs, NAS, LUNS, Data Stores. We provide data recovery of Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5, Raid 6 and Raid Z. There are several reasons of Raid failures:

  • RAID controller failure
  • RAID configuration lost
  • Accidental reconfiguration, deletion of the RAID
  • Multiple disk failures on the RAID array.
Photo Recovery

Recover your data including digital media from Digital camera, Smartphones, flash cards as well as numerous storage hardware. Computer storage services India provides appropriate real time and cost effective data recovery services for our customers in Delhi NCR region. CSSI have inhouse R&D Center , where our engineers constantly do research on New file formats of all type of RAW images, Audio and Video codecs. We developed our own algorithms to recover the digital media files. For any data recovery assistance do contact us.